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This entry will be updated with little tricks I use to make working with computers easier. Basically I'm lazy and I want the computer to do as much work for me as possible.

  • It is an unwritten convention that the logo on web pages is a link to the home page. So if you are working your way through a web site and want to quickly get back to the home page try clicking on the site's logo.
  • All of the browsers I use (I use four) support a shortcut of Ctrl+Enter for entering URL (Universal Resource Locator) addresses. For example if I know I want to go to http://www.kensrot.com I just type in "kensrot", then hold down the Ctrl (control) key while I hit the enter key. The browser adds all of the other characters before and after what I entered and sends the browser there.
  • Suppose you don't know the URL you want? Most proper names and some not so proper names can just be entered into the URL and the internet will take a best guess as to what you are looking for. For example if you enter "University of Wisconsin" for the URL you should get http://www.wisc.edu/ which is the home page for the University of Wisconsin-Madison which may or may not be what you were looking for. This is a shortcut search and if it's not what you were looking for you can always add more information to the URL. For example you could enter "university of wisconsin greenbay" and get http://www.uwgb.edu/. Of course if that doesn't work just use your favorite search engine.

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Olive8's Gravatar Hello Ken,
This is great stuff! These are things that come in really handy for me and other people that I'm constantly encouraging to navigate around the computer environment such as friends, family, etc. It's also easy stuff to forget, so nice to have a spot for refreshing. Thank you!
# Posted By Olive8 | 10/20/11 5:29 PM
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