Who Stole My Search Engine?

Most browsers let you set your default search engine; I set mine to Google. If I start up my browser and simply enter in a search term such as "Kens ROT" in the URL instead of a web address I expect it to find www.kensrot.com. If I misspell my search term I expect Google to pop up with a bunch of search results and the words "Did you mean Ken's R.O.T.?". Oh, yes, I did, thanks!
One day instead of Google search results I got Ask.com search results; and that was a permanent change. No matter what I did to the browsers I could not get back to Google as my default. A similar thing happened when I entered in www.kenrsot.com. I expected Firefox to tell me "404 Error, domain kenrsot.com not found". Instead I got a web page offering to sell me the domain name "kenrsot.com". After several Google searches I found out what is going on; my ISP is trapping the error pages and sending their version instead!
But wait, there is a fix! So here is where it gets a little more technical. The domain name servers (DNS) that my ISP is using are changing the pages because my ISP gets paid for sending traffic to who they want instead of who I want. The solution? Use a free DNS instead of your ISP's DNS. I of course, switched to Google's free DNSes(?) which are at IP addresses and There are others out there just use you favorite search engine to find them. This requires you to know how to update your internet DNS entries which is way too complicated for this blog. Ask your favorite support person to help you out if your ISP hijacking your pages is a problem for you. By the way, don't be surprised if the "free" DNSes don't do the same hijacking!

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