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Okay folks, you have to get a Roku box or get a DVD/Blu-Ray player with Streaming Video. Streaming Video is video on demand. So Friday night when you want to have "family movie night" you don't have to run to the video store to rent a movie and you don't have to have already ordered the Netflix video everyone in the family will agree to watch. If you already have a Netflix account just login on your PC and queue up "instant view" movies. Then go to the Roku and watch them. There is no additional fee and it doesn't affect your DVD queue! If you don't have a Netflix account get one. If you really, really don't want to get a Netflix account or you can't find the video you want on Netflix you can still stream from When you pull up the Roku menu navigate to the section and search it for the movies you want to rent or buy. As far as I know Netflix doesn't sell streaming videos. Roku also has and Pandora among other "channels".
The Roku box is about the size of a thick paperback book and is easily connected to your TV. There are three models, SD (Standard Definition) $80.00, HD (High Definition) $100.00, and HD RX (HD with 802.n support) $130.00. They all come with wireless 802.b/g the RX adds 802.n for wider area access. My recommendation is to go with the HD or RX.
If you are looking to replace your DVD player, which I just did, then get something like the Sony DVD/Blu-ray player with streaming video. It has all of the features of the Roku and more.

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