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I have read and I believe that there are three types of cell phone users; Apple, Google, and Windows users. Apple users (and closet Apple users) will use the iPhone. Google users will use the Droid or Nexus One. As a Windows user I use the HTC Imagio after trying the Palm Pre Plus.
I have three requirements and one desire for a cell phone:

  1. It has to synchronize with Outlook on my desktop (not exchange server)
  2. It has to support voice dialing from my bluetooth headset
  3. It has to run on the Verizon network; my cell phone network of choice
I also desire a hardware keyboard over a software keyboard but that is not enough to keep me from buying a phone.
So what are the pros and cons of these phones?

The iPhone is great with the most innovative user interface around and there are all of those apps! However you have to use AT&T's network which is the pits. It drops calls all of the time. How do I know? From all of the iPhone users who try to call me. I know AT&T is working on that problem but it isn't fixed yet. I can't wait for the Verizon iPhone to come out so I can test the iPhone to see how it works with my other requirements.
In the last three months I have bought and returned a Droid and a Palm Pre Plus; here's why.
Droid is open to the world and developers have created plenty of apps to make almost anyone happy. If the app you want isn't there just check back later. However you can't synchronize to a desktop without sending the data to "the cloud", i.e. Google. In fact you are required to create a gmail account to get the phone even if you don't use it. Granted, gmail is free so it doesn't cost you anything but I just don't want all of my calendars, contacts, to do lists, and email on the internet. Which is why if you are a Google person and already use gmail and Google calendar then the Droid or Nexus One is perfect for you. You can also buy software that allows you to synch Outlook desktop to the phone over a USB cable. I tried one such package and it worked reasonably well but I did have to buy it. The other problem with the Driod is the lack of a hands free voice interface from my bluetooth headset. There are apps that allow voice dialing but you have to hit one or more buttons on the phone to use it; it's not driven by the headset. The bluetooth implementation on the phone does not implement hands free dialing. This means if I am driving I have to look at the phone to hit one or more buttons to voice dial which I am unwilling to do.
This leads me to the Palm Pre Plus for us windows users and guess what? Although it can synch with Outlook on my desktop using a USB cable or bluetooth (very cool) and the synch program is included with the cost of the phone the Palm Pre Plus also does not support voice dialing from my bluetooth headset. Palm says that this feature is coming soon and developers say there are APIs that seem to indicate it is in the works but it's not here yet. When Palm supports voice dialing I will buy it again. The other thing that Palm had that the Droid did not have was a hardware keyboard which I much prefer over software keyboards.

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Jacqui's Gravatar I agree with all of your comments...AT&T drops more calls than a waiter drops plates...and though I've always been a Palm user, I really like the look of the Droid. But even with all the issues you mentioned, I think I still may end up with the iPhone. I can't help but be wooed by the apps and all the cool things my friends can do with their iPhones. And though I really like a hardware keyboard, iPhone has improved on the software keyboard enough that I think I could use it. But since work dictates what phone I get, I guess none of it's up to me. I'll let you know what I get and what I think once I've had it for a while! :o)
# Posted By Jacqui | 4/14/10 9:27 PM
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